Satisfy your coffee cravings with our indulgent Latte. Velvety steamed milk perfectly harmonizes with smooth espresso, creating a creamy and comforting delight. Experience the balance of flavors and the inviting aroma in every sip. Treat yourself to a moment of pure coffee bliss.

Price Variations:
  • Small14$
  • Medium18$
  • Large22$

Experience the creamy indulgence of our Latte. Crafted with perfectly steamed milk and a shot of smooth espresso, it's a harmonious blend of richness and gentle flavors. Treat yourself to this comforting and caffeinated delight, sure to brighten your day.

  • 1
    Fiber 2.2G
  • 2
    Fat 3.1G
  • 3
    Cholesterol 65MG
  • 4
    Protein 1.5G
  • 5
    Calories 170KCAL